Easy Email Format to Contact your Teacher or School

How could I write an email to my lecturer ?

Some students of SSPO may never send an email to anyone before and feeling afraid how could I write an email to my lecturer?

Here we have a sample of easy email format for you.

1. Use student email to contact your teacher or school (Email:
2. Don’t forget the email topic!
3. Introducing yourself with your name and student ID or with additional details such as you are student of the class SIPOxxx or you are his/her student advisor.
4. The purpose of writing this email. For example, I’m contacting to meet you for the research topic. I’m not sure if you will be available on date xxxx time xxxx.
5. Best Regards with your name at the end
6. If you have an attachment, don’t forget to attach it.


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As we have already mentioned the importance of Physics to the Prosthetics and Orthotics (P&O), today, let’s give you an idea of the Biomechanics to the P&O studies.

Biomechanics is one of the applied sciences in Biophysics that studies force and its effect on living beings. Biomechanics scientific principle has utilized in expansive professional practices, e.g., medicine, engineering, sport, rehabilitation including P&O, etc.

Biomechanics in P&O focuses on studying the efficiency of the external device to the patient in both clinical practice and research development.
As there are many sub-disciplines in Biomechanics, the most account in P&O is the study of the movement of definite objects (Rigid body) or ‘our body’.

Prosthetists and Orthotists must study a variety of biomechanics sub-topics such as Gait biomechanics, Spine biomechanics, Muscle biomechanics, especially the biomechanics for each prosthesis and orthosis device.

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