The Faith of Condoleezza Rice

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The Faith of Condoleezza Rice

Author: Leslie Montgomery
Pages: 224
Category: Religion
Publisher: Crossway
Publication Date: 2007

This is not a book about politics. It is a book about a little black girl who was born into a Christian home in the racially explosive town of Birmingham, Alabama, during the throes of the Civil Rights Movement. It's about two parents who quietly defied discrimination, stood against injustice, clung to their faith, and raised their child to follow the Lord they themselves served. They believed wholeheartedly that she was a gift from God born for such a time as this and that he had a special plan and a purpose for her life-a plan for good, and not for evil, a plan to give her a hope and a future-all this despite what the world shouted at them through hatred and prejudice that hovered over them mercilessly.

Condoleezza Rice has built her life and career on defied expectations. She defied the shortsighted guidance counselor who advised her parents that their daughter wasn't college material by earning not only a Bachelor's Degree, but then a Master's and a Ph.D. She took on roles that a black female had never held before-provost at Stanford University, National Security Advisor, and Secretary of State-and performed these roles skillfully. Once you read her story, you will recognize that even more than her vast intellectual capacity, ambition, and strong work ethic, it has been God's leading in her life-and her willingness to follow his call-that has allowed her to come so far. In Condoleezza Rice we have a true spiritual hero.

She's been called the devil's handmaiden, a history-maker, a rock star, Bush's secret weapon, the most influential woman in the world, a rising star, and a race traitor-among other things. Regardless of which opinion people come to about who she is or what label they've placed on her character, everyone knows there's something uniquely different about the 5′7″ African-American woman who currently serves as our Secretary of State.

Condoleezza Rice has a mysterious stability, an enigmatic air, and an inexplicable confidence that is devoid of pride-a trait that is hard to find in the world, let alone in the slick world of politics. Her impenetrable strength and unshakable temperament are evidence of three defining characteristics-a faith that runs deep in her heritage, a personal passion for God, and moral convictions that stem from both.

No matter what your faith, to know and appreciate the character of Condoleezza Rice, you must learn about hers. To understand her passion for peace, you must become personally familiar with the chaotic state of the nation in which she was born. To fully grasp her heart and what has motivated her to far exceed the limited expectations that enslaved both her race and her gender for generations before her, you must examine her roots. To taste the inspiration for democracy that flows like a river from her heart, you must learn what it is that feeds her soul. The Faith of Condoleezza Rice reveals all of this and more.